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Dreadlock Products

About the Dread Artists Amy and Stefan

Amy And StefanStefan grew up in a hair dressing salon. His mother was (and still is) a well known hair dresser in Switzerland. Tired of having his mum constantly wanting to cut his hair he rebelled at age 13th and made his own dreads using just the rough splitting and twisting technique. They took a while to set in but he still has them nearly ten years later and they are looking great. Even though he has fine hair his dreadlocks are strong, neat and tight. He has always done his own maintenance with a pain-free method suitable to his sensitive scalp.

Amy has had dreads made in almost every terrible way possible. After struggling for years with a few poorly made, back brushed dreads she was never ready to dread her whole head until she found the right method. She was introduced to the crochet method by a dreadlock artist and found that although it was a little painful on the scalp it was definately the best way to make wax free, tight, neat, clean locks. She picked up the crochet method quickly and started maintaining her own few dreads.

After meeting each other Amy and Stefan combined both their methods and experience and dreaded the rest of Amy’s hair with incredible, instant results, little maintenance or pain and decided to start offering their skills to others.

Over the last five years Amy and Stefan have been making dreadlocks full-time (sometimes 14 hours a day seven days a week!!!) and have developed and fine-tuned their methods. It has become an art form that they love to express and draw out the natural beauty and individuality of each of their clients. 

Aside creating beautiful heads of dreads they are both avid travelers and photographers, passionate environmentalists, keen surfers, organic gardeners and vegetarian cooks. Amy also runs her own yoga school in Coolangatta, you can check out her website at www.ajayoga.com.au. You can also check out her blog about vegetarian food, gardening, travels and life at www.thewoodenspoon.net.au 

To see new everyday creations, larger pictures and regular updates check out the Organic Dreadlocks Facebook page and give it a 'Like'.

A dreading session with Stefan and Amy usually includes an amazing view and tranquil surrounds, yummy vegetarian lunch or dinner breaks, inspiring books or music to pass the time, lots of chatting and information about the rest of your dread life. They love what they do, take pleasure in any challenge and would be honored to make or maintain your dreads.

"We understand that getting dreadlocks can be a very important pivotal point in a persons life. We want to make the experience as joyful, fun, delicious, informative, relaxing and memorable as possible so that you can launch into your dreadlock journey with lovely energy and memories. We hope to create an experience for every client that will leave them looking and feeling transformed, inside and out." 

About Amy & Stefan