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Dreadlock Products

Dreadlock Showcase & Testimonials

Here are just a few examples of our work, to see our full range come and see us in person.

natural dreadlocks.jpg



Beautiful, light brown human hair extensions instantly transformed this ladies look. We added lots of extra length with a special structure that allowed her new dreads to be worn on the side ('S' shape structure), or jaggedly down the middle (diamond structure). To see more photos in a larger size click onto our Facebook page Facebook here (link to Facebook album). click here for the dreadlock extension gallery 


This beautiful goddess opted for a simple chessboard structure, open ends with skinny dreads around the front and varied widening sizes at the back. With this much length and body it took one person 15 hours but what a result!

“I’m really, really, really happy and it is exactly how I wanted them!!!…Amy and Stefan are just so friendly and giving and the whole experience was amazing. Thanks guys!”


A beautiful example of how gorgeously presentable well-made dreads can be. This lovely lady had all natural dreads made, fine and evenly sized with an 'S' shape structure and open ends to maintain as much length as possible and give a soft appearance. So elegant and beautiful.


This customer came to us with quite a mess forming at the back of his head. We broke it all apart and made him a new head of dreadlocks with big chunky dreads at the back and finer dreads around the front. 


The drealet (dreadlock mullet)…This customer had the top section of his head shaved, then he had the shaved hair extended to his own hair with dreadlocks at the back…


3 years later...Travis has had six maintenance sessions over the last three years. With some newly added colourful wraps he's looking as handsome as ever!

Thin Dreads

Lovely thin dreads with open ends and a random structure to suit her naturally messy hair part.


Four years later...she has had only two maintenance sessions and done little work on them herself. Looking amazing!


Stunning, all natural dreads, fine around the face with wide, rope-like dreads in the back. A wonderful variety of widths and sizes.


Kandice's dreads are pictured here, now two years old. She has had only three maintenance sessions in that time and her dreadlocks are as tight, neat and beautiful as ever.



From short, fine shoulder length hair to instant blonde locks. We used indian human hair in the creation of these super fine, evenly sized dreadlocks and a slightly randon 'S' shape structure to cover any scalp. We left long, wispy open ends and a small soft fringe at the front…a very striking, instant result. Job time: one person 15 hours. click here for the dreadlock extension gallery



Another beautiful head of all natural dreads, medium in size with a diamond structure and long feathery ends.

01.jpgFrom untamed frizzy mop to neat and tidy locks…this client chose a diamond structure and even sized, skinny dread with sealed ends.

JohnJohn wanted dreads cause he’d finally finished at his private school and was free to be himself. He wanted a medium thin dread, consistent size, open ends and diamond structure.

“Thankyou so much for making my dreads, they are looking really good and I couldn’t have asked for better dreads or nicer people to make them for me”

Extensions1.jpgIsn’t that really short hair for dreadlocks? After visiting half a dozen different salons that turned him away he found our flyer. This customer was into having what he wanted and having it NOW! After just pushing an 8mm stretcher through his newly pierced ear (ouch!) he decided he wanted an instantly long dreaded Mohawk (even though his hair was only 4-5cm long). He couldn’t find anyone who could do it till he stumbled onto us. After 6 hours (one person) he had long (but synthetic dreads). Four weeks later we received this text… click here for the dreadlock extension gallery

“Thank you guys so much, everyone loves them and they’ve held in perfectly. I’ll definitely be back to have the rest of my head dreaded soon”.

Three years and only three maintenance sessions later, Fabio's dreads are amazingly full of shape and body. Soon after he had his original extensions made he had the rest of his hair dreaded (without extension). His original extensions are still in place and even though his hair was very short when we started he has never lost one!

DreadsThis customer worked in the mines and was tired of pulling a brush and conditioners through her hair. Now she can throw away her brush and conditioner!!!!

DreadLocksThis customer chose a diamond structure and wanted neat but natural, medium thin dreads. Later, he decided to get his ends sealed for a more defined, neater style.

Random DreadLock StructureA gorgeous random structure with thinner dreads around the face and wider dreads at the back. Styled beautifully to suit her look and locked loosely because she had a lot of hair and only 5hrs to spare.

Coolio DreadLocksThis customer had had his dreads made previously with chemical solution and never liked their fake, damaged look. After cutting his old dreads off and waiting months for his regrowth he came to see us. Looking great. Job time two people 5hrs (job took longer than expected cause he had a lot of hair but not much length).

"I was so surprised how instantly neat and tight they were and how fast and efficient Amy and Stefan are. Now, months later, apart from a few flyaways my dreadlocks have held in perfectly and I havent had to do any work on them myself. Its great to know my dreadlocks arent storing any chemicals and are all natural."


Almost one year later, Nelsons dreads have tripled in length. He has had all his maintenance done with the crochet method and has had his ends sealed for a really smooth, neat, round look. Still looking amazing!

Making DreadLocks in Morocco

Making dreads in Morocco. Despite having salmonella poisoning we still managed to make dreads for these Twareg gentlemen. We swapped dread work for Algerian silver and a jilabha and had heaps of fun in the desert.


Joy is an artist and fashion designer and wanted extra length and body added to her dreads. We extended her dreads with real human hair to double the length of her shorter layers. She opted for an s-shape structure and medium thin dreadlock with open ends. The rest speaks for itself…she wears dreadlocks (otherwise known as dirty and grungy) with grace and style. click here for the dreadlock extension gallery

Making DreadLocks in Morocco

Kelly is an ocean artist and wanted a natural mermaid look. She opted for a thin, even sized dread and left a section of her hair undreaded at the back. Nearly two years later she has dreaded the remaining section and all her dreads are still beautiful as ever.



Fringe dwellers: soft, feminine and funky. See ‘extensions’ for more fringed ideas.


Single dreadlocks are great if you are not ready to go the whole way.