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Dreadlock Products

Dreadlocks Gold Coast to Byron Bay & Brisbane



Thinking of getting dreadlocks?

Using only your own hair we create amazing, natural dreads to whatever size, shape, style or structure you want without any sticky wax, nasty chemicals, mess or breakage with little shrinkage.

You have complete control over the style and shape of the dreadlock as well as how and where they sit on your head. Read more about how we make our dreadlocks...

We also have a range of our 100% natural dreadlock products, organic as far as possible, never tested on animals and perfect for natural dreads as well as undreaded hair. Hand made with love and local ingredients.

Why you can trust us with your dreadlocks...

Just got new dreads? Adorn them with beautiful locally hand made jewelry for your dreads, embellish your style with our beautiful range of rare tribal clothing, jewelry and accessories, selected piece by piece by us from over seven different countries.

You can buy online or see our full range in our beautiful little studio.

WARNING: For all soon-to-be dreadlocked enthusiasts!!! The appearance and workload of your dreads for the next years to come is hugely dependant on how you have them made. We recommend avoiding the following ways!

E-mail us today and get it done 100% naturally and professionally!