the Dreadlock Artists Stefan and Amy

We are a husband and wife team who are passionate lovers, wearers, creators and carers of all things dreadlocks full time for over 13 years. With over 40 years of combined experience, we specialise in exceptionally beautiful, all natural dreadlocks made with our own hands, a couple of needles, a crochet hook and nothing else…no wax, string, glue, chemicals, perming solution or products.

Stefan is widely considered a ‘genius’ of his craft.

His dedication, eye for detail and consistently outstanding results have made Organic Dreadlocks highly regarded and sought-after from people of all countries and walks of life. 

A true dreadlock artisan and specialist of his self-taught techniques, Stefans work is unmatched in its style, finesse and variety.

Our Craft

Although we can achieve whatever your desired dreadlock outcome may be we are known for maintaining a balance between a certain degree of control over the results in combination with just enough wild and organic formation that ensures the unique and natural expression of every individual. 

Over the years, we have developed a signature style that reflects our own lifestyle and values; uninhibited time in nature and connection to nature, simplicity, self-expression, beauty, softness, grace, practicality and durability.

Within our craft we value not only the beautiful dreadlocks we create but also the experience and energy received by each person throughout the process. 

"A transformation inside and out"

A visit to Organic Dreadlocks often includes the sharing of delicious, vibrant, healthy plant based foods grown onsite, uplifting and conscious conversation…as well as lots of simple peace and quiet in an inspiring natural setting that exemplifies restorative and regenerative solutions in action.

We understand that getting dreadlocks can be a very pivotal point in a persons life. We want to make the experience as joyful, fun, nourishing, delicious, informative, relaxing and memorable as possible so you can launch into your dreadlock journey with lovely energy and memories. We hope to create an experience for every client that will leave them looking and feeling transformed inside and out.

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