Dreadlock Creation

Using a basic twist and rip method, followed by a thorough crochet method we turn undreaded hair into neat, tight, clean, stylish dreadlocks that contain nothing but your own hair. Our methods are effective on all hair types and any length greater than 5-10cm.

Dreadlocks made at Organic Dreadlocks typically experience minimal shrinkage (so little loss of length) and settle in quickly with no need for palm rolling or products. Our dreadlocks are low maintenance and made for those who want to keep them and be happy with them for years to come.

The styling possibilities are endless and can include varieties of dreadlock widths and lengths, opened or blunt ends, shaved sections, undreaded sections of hair or bangs. We can use all hair cut from your own head to extend to your dreads to be, adding length and body.

We have numerous layouts on the scalp to choose from and excel in overlay, scalp coverage and styles that flow from and suit the unique geometrics of each individuals face and hair line. We take time to understand the look you want, or can provide you with insight and inspiration if you’re undecided. It is our goal that you achieve a well-informed choice of what you want. Then we can make you comfortable and get to work on making your dream dreadlocks.

Maintenance & Repair

Stefan has an excellent reputation for maintenance that is fast (usually within an hour or two for most dread-heads), cost effective and strong-holding. He can work magic on all dreadlock angsts like loose hair, regrowth, frizz, blow-outs, joined dreadlocks (even multiple, well established joins or congos) bunchy dreads, weak, thinning or breaking areas. Our techniques are gentle on the scalp and the results last for at least three to six months.

Stefan can provide you with a scalp and dreadlock health analysis plus any necessary advise that will allow your dreadlocks to grow out naturally lustrous and healthy, neat, strong and beautiful.

We have two methods available and have in-studio examples of the long term results of each method. We can explain to you in detail before you make your choice.

Method 1

Using our own hands, a crochet hook and needles we can tighten and neaten your dreadlocks until the dreadlocks regrowth is close to the scalp and all wisps and flyaways are tucked inside.

This method suits and works on all hair types and is wonderful if you want to keep the body of your dreadlock very round and smooth with no visible marks or glitches.

Method 2

Using his own specifically designed and well-honed method of interlocking stefan can tighten your dreadlocks by threading the end of the dreadlock through its base multiple times in varying directions. He will also reinforce this method using needles and crochet.

This method will sometimes grow out with a bumpy, woven appearance in the dreadlock body and is best used regularly (every 3-6 months) and consistently.

Despite claims that interlocking is ineffective or incorrect, if performed well it is excellent for those with a sensitive scalp, for those with very skinny dreadlocks and very curly or afro hair types.

It is preferred by many and Stefan is sought after for his unique approach. It is his own preferred method of maintaining his own dreadlocks (for 25 years now) and he is happy to show you his own clean, matchstick-thin dreadlocks as living proof.

Dreadlock Extensions

Human Hair
Dreadlock Extensions

Using only high quality Indian Remy hair and tailoring to your desire for unlimited variety in size, width and length we create dreadlock extensions that are absolutely ’seamless’, strong and long lasting. We take time to understand the look you want and tailor each dreadlock specifically to your vision with no visible join mark or blunt change in colour. Stefan has developed his one of a kind, self-taught methods to an absolute art and can colour match even the most challenging combination of pre-existing colours (including greys, streaks and highlights). He specialises in next level colour blends, gradients and complex fades.

We don’t pre-make extensions. All work is completed on the day of your appointment, on your head, within our studio which ensures exact colour matches to your existing colour and the colour variables that may exist at different locations within your hair. We ensure you get the size you want one dreadlock at a time…so you will never be bullied or obligated to accept a pre-paid, pre-made size or colour.

Stefan is renowned for his ability to successfully attatch extensions to very short starting lengths of 3-5cm (however, short starting lengths may require more maintenance in the beginning).


The much desired natural lightening of dreadlocks towards the ends (otherwise known as balayage) usually takes years to achieve naturally. Unique to his expertise, Stefan can achieve this result instantly with completely natural looking dreadlock extensions.

Layered V-shape

Our methods give you complete reign over all design aspects, including the length of each individual dreadlock. The sought after layered V-shape offers feathery, light, long, luscious, feminine, wild bohemian vibes and is dependent on our specialised methods in customising each dreadlock extension.

Unlimited Styling Options and
New Open Ends

Dreadlock extensions are not only for those wanting a dramatic increase in length. We can use Human Extension Hair to subtly boost your open ends, fill out or highlight your existing length with extra volume and colour.

Perhaps you have some undreaded hair or a short fringe at the front that you would like dreaded to match the length and colour of your existing dreadlocks. We will match the extensions with all your natural colour gradients to perfection.

We can also add open lengths of undreaded hair to your pre-existing dreadlocks to create new long, feathery open ends.

Dreadlock Makeovers

Aside from a general tidy up or maintenance we offer complete makeovers that may involve turning one large, thick dreadlock into four or five new thinner dreadlocks to create instant scalp coverage, overlay, body, length and volume.

We can add new open wispy ends, change the shape of how your dreadlocks sit and fall and bring colour highlights to your dreadlocks without dyes. 

We can truly make your old dreadlocks new again.