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Dreadlock Products

Dreadlock Extensions

If you would like more (or instant) length, body, width or shape we will happily create dreadlock extensions for you. Dreadlock extensions are limitless and can be made of human or synthetic hair, your old dreadlocks, or somebody else’s!!! All you need is 5-10cms of hair and an idea of what style you would like to achieve. We use no glue, chemicals, wax or string…instead we use our standard methods to interweave the extra length and body into your hair and our extensions. 

Stefan is able to successfully extend to very short hair. His shortest original hair length has been under 3cm. However, with less length it takes more time (and more discomfort) to attatch the extensions. He has also done wonderful work with re-styling and lengthening existing dreadlocks with extensions. See the Organic Dreadlocks Facebook page for more examples. 

Stefans method of extending dreadlocks is one he has developed himself after years of experience. It now forms the bulk of the work we do and we now have hundreads of very happy customers. He is a true craftsman at extending dreadlocks and goes to great trouble (sometimes combining up to six different hair tones) to ensure you have the colour match you are happy with. Stefans dreadlock extensions are consisitently beautiful, unique and individual to each persons desired look. He always aims for exceptional results, however, it can be that the extesions may loosen or come away, especially in areas of high wear and tear. Occasionally, especially in clients with very fine or short hair one or two dreadlocks need extra help or extra care in staying in place. In other words be aware that extensions sometimes take a little more up-keep, especially in the beginning.

Human or synthetic?

Making the choice between human or synthetic extensions can be tricky, so here’s a little info on both…

Synthetic hair is very cost effective and, regardless of being synthetic still makes for a natural, neat looking dread. However, you can’t achieve a natural open end because the binding nature of the hair makes it seal up very quickly. It can also be a little scratchy (especially in the beginning) and ultimately, can be like wearing a synthetic hat or scarf all day everyday. In our experience we have made literally thousands of synthetic dreads and have received only good feedback…with even housemates and family members unable to tell they are extensions. One young customer reported back “my mum said she never knew my hair was so long, I never told her they were extensions.”

For synthetic dreads we charge our usual rate plus a surcharge of $100 for the hair and extra involvement.

Human hair is our personal preference because it is more natural and acts just as your own hair would. Human hair gives you the option of open ends and always makes for a beautiful, soft, long-lasting dreadlock and because it is a natural fiber it is easy to wear.

For human hair extensions you need to book in for a colour match either in person or via email, pay a deposit and then we will order the hair for you. 

For extensions there are three elements to the final cost. This includes:

- A $230 base charge (including bottle of shampoo send to your address beforehand http://www.organicdreadlocks.com.au/products/reusable-%22Stainless-Steal-Shampoo-Aplication-Bottle%22-250ml.html)

- The hourly rate as listed above for installation

- The cost of the human hair needed depending on the length, width, number of dreads ect.

Cost depends on many factors including length, your hairs natural amount, body and quality and the style you want to achieve. There are two lengths that we usually work with...

-16 inches which costs $300 and usually takes 10 hours to install. Time varies according to hair-type, style, the use of multiple colours, length and number of dreadlocks.

-20 inches of lenght which costs $450 and usually take up to 12.5 hours to instal. Time varies according to hair-type, style, the use of multiple colours, length and number of dreadlocks.

- 24 inches of length which costs $600 and usually takes up 15 hours, again depending on your chosen style. 

Example of cost break down for 20inch extensions...

base rate $230


human hair $450 


installation 12.5hrs x $70 per hour weekdays ($875 in work)

= $1555 (including first touch up within a period of your first 4-8 weeks, a lesson in maintaining and caring for your own dreadlocks). 

The length of extensions is completely flexible...we can do shorter or longer depending on what you would like. The length is limitless!

Alternatively, you can buy your own human hair and bring it with you saving you the extra appointment and time. However, we only work with Indian hair, not Asian and still surcharge $100 for extra involvement.

Old dreadlocks…if you are lucky enough to come across some old dreads that you would love to see as your own we will happily clean and prepare them either on the day of your appointment or beforehand if you would like to send them to us. If you have some old dreadlocks that you cut off years ago and would like back we can also re-attatch them. 


This gorgeous girl arrived from oversea's on her first day in a new country. She started her travels with these amazing, bum-length dreadlocks (extended with human hair). We used three different tones to match her colour perfectly and left her long, feathery ends. She opted for many, many thin dreadlocks with a soft and natural fringe at the front. 


One year later, she has had her dreadlocks maintained only once and does a little work on them herself. Her dreads have settled in beautifully!!! To see more pictures of Neva's dreads click here (link to Facebook album).



"Hey Stefan, I still couldn't be happier with the final result…you've done such an amazing job. My crocheting is getting much better, Im actually finding it really relaxing and enjoyable. Once again, cant thankyou enough for the amazing job you've done. Jenny and Ben."



Beautiful Chellez had her dreads made by a fellow traveller while she was travelling. She was ready for a big makeover. Stefan divided them up from their matted state and restructured her dreads at the scalp so they overlapped each. He easily changed her head flattening 'down the middle part' with a zig-zagging 's' shape and then added extensions for length. What an amazing transformation all in one sitting! She was buzzing with excitement for her beautiful new dreadlocks. To see more images in a larger size click here to Facebook (link to Facebook album).


This amazing woman had wanted dreadlocks all her life…its never too late!!! After weeks of trying to source grey human hair we made her these beautifully elegant extensions. 


Here is what she said…"Making the decision, at 61 years of age, to have dreadlocks put into my hair has been life-changing. From the moment I contacted Amy and Stefan until now, has been a wonderful journey. Firstly, I have grey hair and been shaving my head for the last 20 years. I had grown it roughly for about 12 months so obviously needed to have extensions done. This turned out to be a nightmare for Stefan to match a colour. Four months and 52 emails later Stefan had depleted his sources (of trying to find grey hair wefts) and we thought my dream had come to an end. Amy saved the day by sggesting an alternative colour (white blonde) so the great day finally arrived. Stefan is a craftsman at his work, he worked alone and two days and fifteen hours later I was transformed. The days were long but Amy produced a succulent vegetarian lunch, plus gorgeous bliss balls to munch on throughout the day. The Dread Shed is a wonderful eclectic mix of raw natural materials, big double doors that bring the outside in, fantastic views looking out over the valley. The peace and quiet is broken only by birdsong, such a magical place to be. I am so thrilled with my new dreads, Im only sorry I didnt decide to get them done years ago. Ive had my dreads for a year now and the benefits are many. They are so easy to manage, and my confidence and self esteem have soared. I can recommend the dread experience with Amy and Stefan at Organic Dreadlocks to anybody".


Amadyin has her maintenance done every three months. One year later her dreads are beautiful as ever. To see these images in full size see our Facebook page here (link to the album)



This beautiful lady had already had her dreads for over one year. We gave her some much needed maintenance and long human hair extensions.



Luke cut his dreads off a couple of years ago and decided he wanted them back. We unpicked the ends, attached them to his new dreads (that we created) with strong, even results. The natural, faded ends of his old dreadlocks gave his new dreadlocks an instantly natural, aged appearance (and a little extra length). To see more images click here for our Facebook page (link to album).



Beautiful, light brown human hair extensions instantly transformed this ladies look. We added lots of extra length with a special structure that allowed her new dreads to be worn on the side ('S' shape structure), or jaggedly down the middle (diamond structure). To see more photos in a larger size click onto our Facebook page Facebook here (link to Facebook album)



4-5cm of curly, unruly hair?…no problem!!! Extended with human hair (two tones) for a natural and rugged look.


Dread Extensions

Note the shorter layers in front of her pre-dreaded hair. We added real human hair for extra length and body while making these new dreads.


Hair Extensions

Once your dreads are established we can still add extra body and shape.



From short, fine shoulder length hair to instant blond locks. We used indian human hair in the creation of these super fine, evenly sized dreadlocks and a slightly randon 'S' shape structure to cover any scalp. We left long, wispy open ends and a small soft fringe at the front…a very striking, instant result. Job time: one person 15 hours.


Dreadlock Extensions

Instant synthetic dreadies that look real and only require 5-10cm of hair. This job cost this client only $275. A hair dresser quoted him over $1000.



This client cut his dreads off for a job but kept his dreads in excellent condition (stuck to a string of Velcro). Later, with his job secured and his hair grown back to shoulder length we extended his old dreads back on. As you can see there is almost no visible join and he has almost doubled his length, all with his own hair! The preparation and cleaning of the old dreads takes some time so this job cost around $550 and was divided over two days but with excellent results.



This lovely lady had very fine, thin hair just beneath her ears. We left a soft fringe at the front and extended her hair synthetically with long thin dreadlocks that reached past her waistline. What a massive difference!!! She now has luscious locks and loads of body, still with a soft look around her face.



This customer wanted extensions but didn’t like the idea of synthetic hair. After looking around on e-bay for human hair she instead found someone else’s dreadlocks for sale. These dreadlocks were six years old and a little unhealthy so we cleaned out the dread jam and extended them to her own hair, leaving her a fringe at the front. She left with a crown of beautiful dreads that fell with a natural ‘V’ shape below the waist. The colour difference was interesting but still very natural, who would know they weren’t over ten years old!