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Dreadlock Products

Dreadlock Repairs

Dreadlock Repair

  • We can fix just about anything!!!! Mess and fuzz, holes, loose ends, regrowth, breakage, hair loops, dreads that are joining together at the base, undreaded hair and weak points. We can also re-structure your dreads from the scalp so they don’t join together and strengthen the body of your dread so it doesn’t break off.
  • We can repair chemically damaged dreads and help you with wax and dirt lodged in dread (if you have waxed dreads, give them a good wash before coming to see us).
  • If you are unhappy with the dreads you’ve had made elsewhere we can unpick and remake your dreads.

Dreadlock Maintenance

We will happily maintain the body, end or base of your dreadlock. We use only our own hands, a needle and a crochet hook for all our maintenance work and are fast, effective and efficient.

We offer at least two different tightening methods depending on your style of dread, the time and money you want to spend and the sensitivity of your scalp. We have examples of the long term results of each method and the appearance of the dreadlock it will form and can explain to you in detail before making your choice of maintenance method. 

Method 1


We can crochet all your regrowth and loose hair which is perfect for really round, neat dreads. It takes a little extra time than method two and for some (especially if you have a sensitive scalp) can be painful when the hook pulls hairs close to your scalp. Others hardly feel a thing or prefer this method for its smoother appearance. The crochet method, if done incorrectly or roughly has a repuation for breaking or damaging the dreads. However, when done correctly it is an excellent method and as the dread grows out creates an even, smooth, tight dreadlock body. 

Method 2

Method 2This method is one developed by Stefan after years of experience. It is not the standard method of interlocking that is common in hairdressing salons. Method two involves knotting your dreads and regrowth at the base using a needle and then reinforcing with a crochet hook. This method usually takes less time, is less painful, and forms a stronger hold both within the newly grown body of the dread and at the scalp. However, it gives the body of the dread a knotty, almost woven, bumpy look. The positive of this look is that the dreads are full of body and have a few funky shapes. Stefan and Amy have both used this method for their entire dreadlock journey and are happy for you to look closely at their dreads and see if you like them. If you prefer a more 'felted' looking dread then Method One may be more for you. The choice is yours. 


Maintenance kit

Dreadlock Maintenance KitIf you would like to do your own maintenance we will teach you for free when you get your dreads made or get maintenance with us.  Maintenance kits are available with all the necessary tools inside a specially made pouch that keeps your tools all in one place (great for traveling).