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Dreadlock Products

Other Options and Extra Services


  • Restructuring: Do you have well established dreads but would like them re-structured and sealed at the ends? Not a problem.
  • Styling: Would you like to have your dreadlocks styled for a special occasion? We can give you an up-style that will hold in all night.
  • Semi Dreads: We are happy to start you off with only a few dreads if you’re not ready to commit to a whole head of dreads. Or, for a softer look we can leave your fringe undreaded.
  • Single dreadlocks:  Not ready to go the whole way with dreadlocks? Why not get one of two.
  • Single dreadlock extension: We can do rats-tail extensions (see Dreadlock Extensions) or single dreadlock extensions with instant extra length so it can be seen easily.
  • Adornment: Have your dreads colourfully adorned by us with our wide range of beads, shells and feathers.
  • Mohawk's: Are your dreads getting a bit hot and heavy, or would you like to change your style? We can do undercuts, Mohawk’s or other selected shaved sections of your choice
  • Reshave: If you already have dreads with shaved sections on your head we can re-shave it for you within your maintenance session.

We service anywhere from Surfers Paradise to Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia (including all of the Gold Coast, Murwillumbah and Nimbin) with a small extra travel cost. We are also at the Byron Bay and Channon markets plus various festivals around Australia. Contact us to find out when we will be in your area next. (please note that we stopped with outcalls)