crochet style dreadlocks that require no products, palm rolling and very little maintenance
With over 40 years of combined experience and know-how, Stefan and Amy at Organic Dreadlocks have been proudly servicing customers within the Rainbow Region for over 12 years. Testified by thousands of happy clients, our dedication, passion and love for our craft is the reason why we have gained a trusted reputation for being among the best dreadlock artists globally. We make crochet style dreadlocks that require no products, palm rolling and very little maintenance or work after installation. Transformative, flattering, wax and chemical free, clean, healthy, low maintenance, long lasting, sensitive and versatile…our methods work on and suit everybody.


Learn everything you need to know about dreadlock information, creation, maintenance, repair, structuring the scalp, all varieties of extension, makeovers, unique restructuring techniques, colour blending and more.

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We offer the best in all and any of your natural dreadlock needs: creation, two different methods of maintenance, repair, extension, strengthening, lengthening, dreadlock makeovers and overhaul, shaves, removal, transplants. You name it we can do it…we can probably even achieve options you never thought possible.


Using only high quality Indian remy hair and tailoring to unlimited options in layout, size, width and length we create dreadlock extensions that are absolutely ‘seamless’. We take time to understand the look you want and tailor each dreadlock specifically to your vision with no visible join mark or blunt change of colour. We specialise in layered ‘V’ shapes, balayage and other trending colour techniques. All without any hair dye in the studio.Find Out More


There is a reason why we are regarded one of the best in dreadlock extensions globally. Stefan specialises in next level colour blends, gradients, and complex fades and can match every colour. The much desired natural lightening of dreadlocks towards the ends (otherwise known as balayage) usually takes years to achieve naturally. Unique in his expertise, Stefan can achieve this result instantly with completely natural looking dreadlock extensions.Find Out More


Are your well-established dreadlocks looking flat, lank, scalpy or messy? Are you in need of a change or wanting to see your locks looking more vibrant? Do you have well-established dreadlocks that you’ve never felt entirely happy with but you also don’t want to start all over again? Would you like your existing dreadlocks to be longer or lighter? A different shape or length? Aside from a general tidy up or maintenance we offer complete makeovers that can truly make your old dreadlocks new again.Find Out More